Get Ready

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch

There are three aspects to consider when preparing for the Everest Base Camp trek.

  1. Physical training
  2. Appropriate gears
  3. Health considerations

1. Physical training depends on your baseline health and overall fitness level. I am not at all a super athlete and was concerned about my ability to successfully complete the trek. After some research and consulting others who have done similar trek, I came up with an exercise routine and trained for about four months prior to the trek. I was surprised how much improvement training made to my physical ability to hike for extended period. You can read more about how to train for the Everest Base Camp trek under “Shaping up” page, click here.

2. Appropriate Gear. I am not at all a gear freak but firmly believe right gear makes life easier. Over the years, I have traveled extensively and have gathered and tried several gears.Visit Gears and Gifts section for a detailed discussion about clothing, hiking gear, backpacks, etc. appropriate for the EBC trek. Click here.

3. Health considerations. I think it is extremely important to understand the health implications of higher altitude trekking.  Altitude sickness—also known as acute mountain sickness (AMS) is a pathological effect of high altitude caused by acute exposure to low oxygen environment. AMS commonly occurs above 8000 ft and majority of hiking for the Everest Base Camp trek happens above that threshold. It could be lethal to some people. Click here for more info about Health considerations during the EBC trek.


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